Didriksons – Functional clothing since 1913

Whether it’s your wildest dreams that take you outside, or the needs of your everyday reality, you can be sure to own the moment, to feel like everything is possible and be free to enjoy the experience. No matter if it rains or snows, or if stormy winds tear at you, you’re not alone, you’re in good company. A jacket from Didriksons, the Swedish jacket brand, is your faithful companion on your journey. We are with you today, tomorrow and the next day. See you outside.


In the process of creating a signature sound for Didriksons, our goal was to create a sound that adds to the brand’s identity and strength. We wanted to capture the feeling of Didrikson’s soul, history and love for the west coast. The powerful, slightly dreamy and magical that nature offers – in autumn twilight or spring dawn, in sun or rain, in all stages of life. With an upcoming autumn campaign at Didriksons, we wanted to capture the same feeling and move the autumn spirit into the stores.


The result became a Nordic ambient sound, with soft guitars and enticing accordions in the background. Whooshing wind and the first frost in tinkling notes. Nature and the elements are invited into the store, to give the visitor a sense of how the clothes feel when worn outdoors, in their proper element.
With many different layers, we invite the customers to face all the elements, in autumn dusk or gray dawn. In sun and rain, in all stages of life. Sit back, press play and let the sound take you on a magical journey.


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