Stora Ekholmen – A mysterical and mythical island outside of Vaxholm.

On the glittering blue sea outside Vaxholm, the mysterious and mythical island Stora Ekholmen is situated. In this place, if feels as if time has just stopped, leaving the island asleep for half a decade. Sunbeams play lazily through the leaves and foliage. Birds chirping, the sound of waves hitting the bedrock and a breeze rustling in the oak trees are the only things you can hear. But if you listen closely, you can pick up the faint echoes of history, voices of people from the past, families who stayed in the houses and cultivated the gardens. What was it like – to live here?


In the sound branding process for Stora Ekholmen, our ambition was to produce a unique sound identity that captures the wonder and magic accumulated within the island. Inspiration came from myths and stories around the place, history paired with a vision of what will be and of course the stunning scenery of nature in all its glory. Time passes slowly as the old wooden houses sits calmly on the rocks, dignified in aged beauty. We wanted to create a unique classical piece that brings the past and present time together. Something to convey the feeling and let history come to life. Leisurely, yet vividly – just like the island itself.



The sound identity was created together with a promotional video of the island. Our aim and purpose was to capture the essence of Stora Ekholmen, both now and historically. The video incorporates actual footage throughout the islands history, to give the viewer a glimpse of what it holds and looks like. The island Stora Ekholmen is a rare gem and we hope to create an interest, as well as a desire, to explore and experience it for your self.

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